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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Botany Creativity

My concept discusses and involves the ever narrowing divide between nature and science. As more people start to harness and manipulate plant life to create new living environments how long is it before natural exists no more. Botany Creativity explores the idea of function and how a natural object has to fight to function alone without the help of man and the science forced upon us. This will highlight how our interference with nature could destroy the natural workings of our world and create a biological imbalance like no other. Within my work I will display the intelligence of a living organism against the industrial works of today.
My work will portray a sense of organic with unusual placements and collaborations, over sized imagery and botanical brights. My main colour thoughts so far are; hot brights with multiple shades of green, saturation laid with whites and chosen yellows as key accents. 

Image of what my work bay currently looks like. Primary and secondary research, found objects, drawing sets and my own photography. 

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